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Rev. Dr. David K. Brawley

Lead Pastor

Reverend Dr. David Keith Brawley is the 7th Pastor of the 3000 member St. Paul Community Baptist Church located in the East New York section of Brooklyn and serves as Chairman of the East Brooklyn Congregations (EBC) and Metro-IAF, affiliates of the internationally recognized organizing entity Industrial Areas Foundation. He is also the Founder of the award-winning Imagine Me Leadership Charter School (IMLCS), the first all-boys charter school in the East New York section of Brooklyn, which educates minority boys grades K-6. Preaching since the age of sixteen, Rev. Dr. Brawley began his full-time career in ministry in 1994 at St. Paul, where he served as Assistant Pastor from 1995-2007. In 2008, Rev. Brawley was named Pastor Successor of the ministry and was officially installed as Senior Pastor in October 2009.

As Lead Pastor of St. Paul, Rev. Dr. Brawley has led the charge in several life-transforming initiatives that have impacted thousands of New Yorkers. Notably, his work with Metro-IAF has yielded the construction of over 3000 affordable homes and a $73 million-dollar educational campus in the borough of Brooklyn. The formation of the B-20 Leadership Scholarship Fund has distributed over $100K to graduating high school seniors in Brooklyn and the creation of the ministry’s summer reading enrichment program for children grades K-8, which has produced improved reading and comprehension test scores for 90% of annual participants.

As he contemplates the growth of ministry, he envisions the pastor’s role being redefined to become a true reflection of the pastor as a human being and as a leader. His four principles for a strong, productive ministry are: (1) creating a thriving worship experience; (2) actively engaging in community organizing; (3) edifying God’s people and (4) becoming a beacon of economic development for the community the ministry serves. As a pastor, he possesses the gifts of exhortation, inspiration, motivation and encouragement. Pastor Brawley doesn’t only share these gifts in worship services, but across the nation at men’s conferences, revivals and youth group programming.

Pastor Brawley resides in Brooklyn, New York. One of his favorite scriptures is Jude 1.


Rev. Dr. David K. Brawley
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