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Your St. Paul Community Baptist Church family join the thousands of New Yorkers who appreciate your selfless sacrifice to keep our city running in times of crisis and we'd like to hear from you!

In our special initiative "Heroes Worship Here" we'd like to hear from you in the form of a brief, short-form video.  Below are the submission requirements, we'd really love to hear from you.  

And THANK YOU AGAIN for your service!


Instructions for Submission:


Film a brief video (no more than one (1) minute) that includes the following:

(a) Watch this video first to get great tips on the best way to film yourself 
(b) your name
(c) Essential Business with which you are employed (in uniform would be great BUT we understand if you'd prefer not to)
(d) what worship service you attend
(e) what one thing do you want people to know about your experience as an essential worker during this time?
(f)  how has your connection to SPCBC carried you through this time?

(g) submissions are due Thursday, May 8, 2020

Submit all information in via email only to spcbcbkny1927@gmail.com

a. video should be filmed landscape (long)
b. shine bright with light! (film outside or stand with your phone facing a window to capture the natural light

c. speak clearly and in a voice loud enough to be heard

d. please no background music

Please Note: Submissions are subject to editing

For our friends who have lost a loved one during the year 2020, we welcome you to participate in our ministry’s virtual visual journal.


Instructions for Submission:

  1. A photo of your loved one - preferably landscape (long) view

  2. Full name of your loved one (first, middle (if applicable), last)

  3. Date of birth (and) date of transition of the decedent

  4. Did your loved one have a favorite scripture, song, movie or book? What was their favorite thing to do? Let us know in 5 words or less.

  5. A brief written memorial of your loved one no more than 50 words in total+.

(+) does not include birth/transition dates, favorite scripture/movie/book/song/hobby

a. Only attachment to the email should be the photo.
b. Written content should be in the body of the email

  • Our Wall of Remembrance will be visible on our website, www.spcbc.com starting Sunday, May 3, 2020 and will be updated weekly with new additions appearing the following Sunday after submission*.

Please Note: Submissions are subject to editing in the event they do not meet the guidelines listed above.


(*) submissions received by the Thursday prior


859 Hendrix Street, Brooklyn, NY 11207

(Cross Streets: Linden Boulevard & Stanley Avenue)

Call:  718.257.1300
Fax:  718.257.2988

Email:  info@spcbc.com


B-6 to Cozine & Van Siclen Avenues 

B-15 to New Lots & Van Siclen Avenues

B-20 to Wortman & Van Siclen Avenues

B-83 to Linden Boulevard & Van Siclen Avenue


By Subway:  IRT #3 train to

Van Siclen Avenue 


Temporarily Closed for physical events. Meet us online on our Facebook page!

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