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Press Inquiries



St. Paul Community Baptist Church (SPCBC), the presenting organization of The MAAFA, is a church with a rich legacy having served the borough of Brooklyn since 1927. With a pastoral lineage of seven, our ministry is long on service to our community and blessed with a strong preaching and teaching component to edify the lives of our congregants. Due in part to our passion for social justice, individual and community growth by the ‘each one, teach one’ methodology, St. Paul Community has been at the forefront of neighborhood and economic development in East New York (Brooklyn) and beyond.


St. Paul Community Baptist Church has received several positive press mentions over the years, with several articles highlighting the Church's commitment to providing spiritual guidance and community service by local and national media outlets.

Press Inquiries

Our communications team loves working with members of the press to share stories of East New York and St. Paul Community Baptist Church.

Please contact Arthena Antonetti, Director of Communications if you’re a journalist and would like to schedule a time to speak with someone from our team.

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