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Sacred Arts Ministry

Our Sacred Arts Ministry is an integral part of the rich tapestry of SPCBC. Rooted in the belief that art is a profound form of worship, we embrace diverse artistic expressions as a means to deepen our spiritual connections.

Sacred Arts Ministry


Contact: Cherub Ruth  ext. 150  Email

Foundation Scriptures1 Chronicles 25:6-8 | Colossians 3:16 | Romans 12:1  


Voices of St. Paul (co-ed) | Eldad Medad Choir (men) | Voices of Hope (youth)

Theatrical Productions of note

The MAAFA Suite...A Healing Journey - www.themaafa.comBeyond The Cross (Resurrection Season)A Savior Born (Winter Season)

Dance Ministries

Jewel Dancers (female) | Eldad Medad Dancers (male) | Move In Hope (youth) 




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WE NEED YOU!  Young Adult & Children’s Music Ministries Welcome You To Join!

Rehearsals: Voices of Hope (children) Wednesdays 6:00pm-7:00pm  Young Adults (18-35) Wednesdays 8:00pm  

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