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Ashes to Awakening: A Journey Through the Clearing Season

As we approach the sacred season of Lent, we prepare ourselves for a transformative journey— Ashes to Awakening: A Journey Through the Clearing Season. We invite you to embark on a profound exploration of renewal, growth, and spiritual abundance. In this article, we will delve into the significance of this journey and how it can lead us to a deeper understanding of ourselves and our connection to GOD.

Our journey commences with the solemn observance of Ash Wednesday, with a Ceremony of the Ash. As we gather for the Ash Wednesday service, we are reminded of the transient nature of life and the need for healing and spiritual renewal. From this place of humility and introspection, we set out on a path of clearing, seeking to remove the obstacles that hinder our spiritual growth.

For Lent, we encourage you to purchase a copy of “The Clearing Season,” here. This is not required, but we strongly recommend it as we embark on this Lenten journey together.

February 14 - Ash Ritual and Service

As we begin our Lenten journey on February 14th, we gather for the Ash Ritual and Service—a symbolic clearing in the wilderness of our hearts and souls. Lent, lasting 40 days, mirrors the biblical accounts of wandering in the wilderness, representing a period of liminality, a time of being in the "in-between," in the "not yet." To attend this worship service, please register here. Registration is required for all attendees.

February 21—The Clearing in the Wilderness

Consider Lent as a 40-day experience of liminality.

Throughout Lent, we confront various liminal spaces—the wilderness of scarcity and confusion, the exile of isolation, and even the tomb of despair and hopelessness. But no matter the experience of liminality, our aim remains the same: to cultivate a deeper connection with GOD.

February 28—The First Clearing: Dismissing Loyalty to Confusion

As we move forward in our Lenten journey, the first clearing beckons us to identify one aspect of our "in-between" to clear. It's a call to dismiss our loyalty to confusion, loss, or void that we have become familiar with. We must help ourselves separate our identity from these liminal spaces, understanding that they do not define who we are.

March 6 - Noticing Rhythms in Our Clearing

On February 28th, we focus on noticing the natural rhythm in our exercise of clearing. What patterns emerge? What do we observe in the ebb and flow of our efforts? It's essential to pick up exercises that aid us when we feel lost in the wilderness, whether it be through song, scripture, or other practices. Paying attention to what occurs during our repair work is crucial for our growth.

March 13—New Growth in the Clearing

As we progress, we create space to pay attention to the changes, creative bursts, and unusual sightings that emerge from our clearings. These are signs of new growth, blossoms of transformation that occur when we allow ourselves to move beyond the wilderness.

March 20—Weathering Storms

On March 13th, we acknowledge that there will be difficulties on our Lenten journey. We confront setbacks and storms, asking ourselves, "Who am I in the face of adversity?" It's a time to strengthen our resilience and deepen our faith as we weather these challenges.

March 27—Consecrating our Clearings: Holy Week

As Lent draws to a close, we consecrate our clearings—recognizing that the space we've made in our lives is holy ground. This Holy Week, we reflect on the significance of the journey we've undertaken, embracing the sacredness of our cleared ground and the renewal it brings. As we approach the celebration of Resurrection Sunday. Having journeyed from ashes to awakening, we rejoice in the triumph of life over death, light over darkness. Resurrection Sunday reminds us that even amid suffering and despair, there is hope, renewal, and the promise of new life. It is a time to celebrate the abundance of life and to renew our commitment to living with gratitude, compassion, and love.

As we embark on this sacred journey together, may we be transformed, renewed, and inspired to live with greater purpose, authenticity, and joy. May we awaken to the abundance that surrounds us and embrace the fullness of life with open hearts and open minds.

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