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Team Q Youth Ministry

Contact: Rev. Corey D.W. Lewis   ext. 147  Email

The Team Q (Quiver) Ministry mission is to continually build a comprehensive youth ministry, with the goal of teaching our children their heritage as African-Americans, but more importantly, as children of God and joint heirs with Christ. 

Quiver programming has opened a gateway of expressive freedom, which allows our youth to be creative artistically (poetry, song, dance) as well as learn other languages. These avenues of freedom have provided opportunities for our youth to evangelize outside of the walls of St. Paul Community, which enables them to challenge and introduce other youth to Jesus Christ, thus making “Church” the place to be.

The St. Paul Community Baptist Church Ministry to Youth (Quiver) ministers weekly to hundreds of children, ages 2-21 years old. All participants are sure to find a place for themselves, and if they do not, are encouraged to create a place for themselves and their ideas within our fellowship. 

Little Dreamers Children's Ministry - Biblically-based supervised childcare during our 11:00am worship service. Snacks are served. 

Chionesu Bakari Program for Young Men - a year round, tuition based program*, offering services to young men between the ages of 10 through 16 years of age. (*) Interview required 

Pearls – young girls birth to 17 years. The Pearl Passage to the Promise is a process by which our young women will be prepared by the village elders to meet the challenges that arise in childhood and adolescence. 

Voices of Hope - youth choir 

Move in Hope – Youth dance ensemble 

Imagine U Summer Literary Enrichment Program 

Would you like for your child to increase their reading proficiency? Open to youth grades Pre-K through 8th, applications are available annually in April. Contact Yvonne Hildmon ext. 174  for more information. 

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