• Rev. Dr. Michael Elam

God is faithful and worthy of our trust

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Facilitator Notes: Rev. Nicole Duncan-Smith

Breakfast & Bible 5.10.2020
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Through our trust in God, we are able to see community in the

strange lands and crisis-filled times.

The best time to see God’s magnificent faithfulness is when we

fallback and watch the Great Creator during times of distress,

trauma, and crisis. Our Mother’s Day word involved a mother, but

she was not the linchpin of the message the writer was trying to

convey. She did not point directly to God, even as God worked

through her and used her as an operative in His perfect will for Elijah.

The passage was really a universal story about how God works with

His people who dedicate their lives to him. It about how that vertical

relationship is crucial, and how trust must be the foundation of our

faith walk.

In this pericope, there is a drought in the land and God instructs His

servant Elijah to go to a foreign town, where foreign people are.

These people are not just strangers but they also worship idols and

are kinsmen with his enemy Jezebel. Now, Elijah is a holy man … not

a warrior fighter … not a great King or Judge … just a Messenger of

God. The bible doesn’t tell us that he trained to do combat. In the

midrash of my mind, pastor calls it the Holy Ghost imagination, he is

a peaceful man that only pops off when God needs to lay down the

law. In my mind, he simply is not a brute wanting or inviting smoke.

So … to travel to this foreign land was not just uncomfortable but

could have been dangerous. Still, out of obedience, Elijah goes and

he goes because God tells him that He has made provisions. (1 King

17: 9) Just as God had a raven take care of him in the wild a few

scriptures back, God secures his life through another operative

instrument: The Widow.

Through the work of The Holy Spirit, the believer (as represented by

Elijah) came into a space with no control over anything but just the

audacious promise of God that he/she would not forsaken. He spoke

to this woman (who was in her own brokenness and space of need)

what probably seemed to be ridiculous: trust me a stranger and feed

me with your lack. And something inside of her, an urging, opened

her heart to this man and she did as he asked. We know what that

was. It was the same urging the turned Pharaoh’s heart soft towards

Moses. God comes in and does what God does, touching the

outside to bless people in His fold. Without our knowing and without

any obvious and grand gesture, God moves strangers into

community and gives sanctuary to those believers — especially in

spaces of crisis.

We see God working this way and here is the life application and

your shout:

* Elijah trusted God to provide all of his needs, even when it