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Finding Identity in the Wilderness

As we seek to deepen our relationship with God, we must be willing to follow Jesus’ example by allowing ourselves to be vulnerable. As African Americans who have inherited the trauma of the enslavement and oppression of our ancestors, many of us have lost our sense of identity and purpose. Jesus’ wilderness experience prepares Him to begin His ministry with clarity of purpose, but also with the confidence that His Heavenly Father will see Him through the storms He will encounter as He fulfills His mission. As we follow Jesus through this process, we must be willing to be vulnerable in the sight of God and be willing to follow God’s guidance even if it makes us uncomfortable. This allows us to develop and deepen trust as we journey through our mission to fulfill God’s purpose for our lives.

Join us on Facebook Live on Monday - Friday at 7 PM as we dive deeper into Matt 4:1-11 NRSV.

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