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Jewel Women's Ministry

Servant Leader: Gloria Miller ext. 116  Email


All women who are members of SPCBC are affectionately called ‘The Jewels of St. Paul,' biblically based on the scripture Malachi 3:17.

Grouped by ages, each unique collective is recognized by its particular precious gemstone moniker.


  • Pearls 6-17

  • Pink 6-8

  • Tahitian 9-11

  • Luminescent 12-14

  • Cultured 15-17

  • Emeralds 18-29

  • Amethysts 30-39

  • Diamonds 40-49

  • Sapphires 50-59

  • Rubies 60-69

  • Peridot 70+


The Women’s (Jewel) Ministry seeks to educate and empower women of all ages, cultures and socio-economic backgrounds with programs that focus on learning how to manage daily life through study and application of the Word of God.

Queen Mother Myrtis Virginia Campbell Eubanks Brent Scholarship for Girls

a scholarship for adults and young women who are members of St. Paul Community Baptist Church and are attending college. 


















Jewel Summit and Collective Meetings a time when all women of St. Paul come together to pray with one another, study the Bible and fellowship. 

Jewel Crossover Ceremony an annual Rites-of-Passage culmination celebrating SPCBC women moving from one Jewel Collective to the next.  It is an extravaganza not to be missed!  Held in November.


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