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For our friends who have lost a loved one during the year 2020,

we welcome you to participate in our ministry’s virtual visual journal.


Instructions for Submission:

  1. A photo of your loved one - preferably landscape (long) view

  2. Full name of your loved one (first, middle (if applicable), last)

  3. Date of birth (and) date of transition of the decedent

  4. Did your loved one have a favorite scripture, song, movie or book? What was their favorite thing to do? Let us know in 5 words or less.

  5. A brief written memorial of your loved one no more than 50 words in total+.

(+) does not include birth/transition dates, favorite scripture/movie/book/song/hobby

a. Only attachment to the email should be the photo.
b. Written content should be in the body of the email

  • Our Wall of Remembrance will be visible on our website, starting Sunday, May 3, 2020 and will be updated weekly with new additions appearing the following Sunday after submission*.

Please Note: Submissions are subject to editing in the event they do not meet the guidelines listed above.


(*) submissions received by the Thursday prior

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